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An efficient management system in the world at the beginning of 21st century, the productivity is one of the requirements of sustainable development. Productivity , efficient use Aztjhyzat , trained human resources , time and material resources .Today's industrial society of Iran in its growth path with the numerous challenges facing the most important is that they can be used for industrial investment, regardless of factors such as the lack of the correct choice of path selection of appropriate technology, investment, production, choice of geographical position suitable for the implementation of the project by taking the target markets, management of available resources, scheduling, and project management, production management and sales ... Named.In this growing shortage of raw material, the existence of high production costs and limited resources, including energy and environmental issues will be also problems of progressive.

Engineering and management services, in fact, are set regarding bader regardless of the above, and with the aim of reducing the risk before stakes on the industry to run in May.

Forces in the Middle East with the satrap company of qualified forces, trained experts and specialists in the fields of activity of their home and put several such that it can be used to study, design, procurement, construction and commissioning, Project Director and optimization of human resources in accordance with the education line tolido also global standards and management of energy-related industries, including crude oil, condensates and gas palaishgah, small power plant and electricity sporadic.

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The company has highly qualified specialists and research teams have in the context of small-scale power plants (less than 25 MW) and having enough experience in all areas, the ability to provide consulting services as follows:

  • Feasibility studies on the construction of small scale CHP generating different scenarios with different technical and economic conditions
  • Obtaining a license from the regional power distribution company construction
  • Introduction to the headquarters of the transformation of industries and mines in the Government regarding the use of special facilities in the energy sector
  • Preparation of plans and reports of the project economic evaluation using the COMFAR software, providing the country's banks, including the Bank of industry and mine
  • Plan CHP for technical approval
  • Plan network connectivity available to the distribution company to get permission to connect to the network of power plant
  • The design of Generator and heat recycling system is proportional to the load device and select factory
  • Consulting contracts with the electricity distribution company (NRI) for the purpose of concluding a contract of sale of electricity
  • Consulting in the field of financing the project, finance, foreign buying advice in the field of buying and selling of power plants around the world

The company is having a strong connection with the company's supplier of industrial equipment and power plant with a long history of import, are able to offer business services as follows:

  • Providing a variety of motor generators with and without the CHP system of world companies
  • Procurement (exhaust heat recovery system, jacket, etc.)


The company in the hands of the Executive having experienced experts in the field of construction of power plants to be able to offer the following services:

  • Construction of power plants and generators, installed
  • Making the exhaust heat recovery system and a jacket
  • Exhaust heat recovery systems coupled and a jacket with the existing generators in engine
  • Installation and commissioning of nuclear power plants produce electricity and heat at the same time with motor and turbine
  • Management and operation of the system
  • Quality of service measurement of small scale CHP plants are working, the smoke analysis
  • Energy audit a variety of large energy consumers, including factories, spinning, casting, steel, etc.


The company guarantees will be until after the sale and installation of any of our products, after sales services in the fields of maintenance and minor repairs and basic small scale power stations as well as the product warranty for one year from the date of the launch.

As well as providing medical supplies, spare parts and related components needed to plant at least 10 years after installation will be the responsibility of the company.