Introduction of a company

Saturday, 14 November 2015 20:31

An efficient management system in the world at the beginning of 21st century, the productivity is one of the requirements of sustainable development. Efficiency for optimum use of trained human resources, equipment, time and material resources.


Today's industrial society of the country in their growth path  with the numerous challenges facing the most important is that they can be used for industrial investment, regardless of factors such as the lack of the correct choice of path selection of appropriate technology, investment, production, choice of geographical position suitable for the implementation of the project by taking the target markets, management of available resources, scheduling, and project management, production management and sales ... Named.

In this growing shortage of raw material, the existence of high production costs and limited resources, including energy and environmental issues will be also problems of progressive.

Management and engineering services, in fact, are set regarding bader regardless of the above, and with the aim of reducing the risk before stakes on the industry to run in May.

Forces in the Middle East with the satrap company of qualified forces, trained experts and specialists in the fields of activity of their home and put several such that it can be used to study, design, procurement, construction and commissioning, Director of the project and the optimization of the production line and also the training of human resources in accordance with international standards and management of energy-related industries, including crude oil, condensates and gas palaishgah, small power plant and electricity sporadic.

The company is proud of the efforts of the Middle East force satrap of his first investment path you provide following services:

  • Feasibility studies for establishing industrial units
  • The preparation of financial, economic, technical plans in accordance with standards acceptable to the banks and financial institutions in the country
  • Provide all the financial security services project
  • Design and calculation of the production lines for the construction and commissioning of new projects
  • Identification of optimal technology for increasing the efficiency of production
  • Supplying equipment and machinery
  • Implementation and monitoring the implementation of industrial projects
  • Management of contractual and treaty
  • Installation and commissioning of industrial machinery
  • Training utilization of machinery production line by the experts
  • Training of human resources in accordance with international standards related to the field of investment
  • The study of design process of products and sales market
  • Scientific study and identification of the relevant target markets by specialists and experts of MED
  • Reviews of the production processes and the optimization of production and financial and human resources management
  • Reviews of the production processes and optimization of financial and human resources management and production


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