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Cogeneration Plant for Mazandaran

Wednesday, 02 October 2019 14:40

Cogeneration Plant For Mazandaran

7.12megawatt combined heat and power CHP  plant was inaugurated in Amol Country,Mazandaran Province

According to the Energy Ministry  news portal,Babakan Power Plant , built over 2.000 square meters ,comprises 8 heat engines

The cogeneration plant comprises two gas generators with a capacity of 2 MW,two gas generators with 1.56MW capacity,two transformers with capacity of 2 mega volt-amperes and two transformers with a capacity of 2.5 mega volt-amperes

 The small-scale power plant cost $3milion and was built with help from the private sector.the news agency did not provide details

Iran turns its attention to cogeneration

Tuesday, 01 October 2019 11:48

Iran turns its attention to cogeneration



Irans Ministry of Energy has devised a plan to promote the greater use of cogeneration,also known as combined heat and power CHP,reports the Tehran Times


In July 2010,Irans frist privately owned CHP plant ,located in Tehran,officially became operational. The plant s production capacity was 7.8 MW, with an efficiency of 73 oer cent . This is significantly higher than the average efficiency of the country s conventional power plants,which is around 38 per cent

Majid Namjou,the energy minister,has also confirmed that the administration is now pursuing a policy of promoting renewable energy,reports the Mehr News Agency

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