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Cogeneration Takes Flight at JFK Airport Hotel

Saturday, 28 September 2019 10:01


When MCR Development announced in 2015 that it would be converting the TWA Flight Center at John F.Kennedy International Airport into a lobby and retail space for an adjacent six-story hotel, it was a happy day for architecture and aviation enthusiasts.Now,as the $265milion project nears completion in first quarter 2019,another aspect of the hotel is garnering additional interest:its self-contained cogeneration power system,which will reduce the propertys operating costs by an estimated $4milion


Housed on the roof of the north hotel building will be a  combined heat and power plant(CHP) will supply electricity and regulate temperature for the entire property . The CHP plant will connect to a natural gas source,allowing the building to operate on a separate power source from the airport and greatly reduce its energy expenses. The CHP effectively saves us $4 milion a year in operating costs,said Jason Garone,vice president construction ,MCR Development


As Garone put it : Why not build your own power plant and you can get high-pressure gas in and produce your own power,your own thermal energy_and contorl your own destiny


CHP for Hospitals

Wednesday, 25 September 2019 16:13

THE EPA CHP Partnership has recently published a new market-focused webpage entirely dedicated to the opportunities for CHP at hospital and its benefits.

CHP is a superior energy resource for hospitals because it can provide all of a hospitals energy services efficiently and indefinitely during grid outages.For hospital , losing electricity_even for short periods_can disrupt critical life support systems.When the power goes out ,lives may be at risk.And with weather-related events becoming more frequent and severe in the U.S.,grid outages are becoming more common.CHP, an onsite generation resource,can enable hospitals to continue to provide all services during grid outages.

in addition to providing reliable energy and making hospitals more resilient,CHP can help hospitals reduce costs and meet their sustainability and emissions reduction goals.