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The company has highly qualified specialists and research teams have in the context of small-scale power plants (less than 25 MW) and having enough experience in all areas, the ability to provide consulting services as follows:

  • Feasibility studies on the construction of small scale CHP generating different scenarios with different technical and economic conditions
  • Obtaining a license from the regional power distribution company construction
  • Introduction to the headquarters of the transformation of industries and mines in the Government regarding the use of special facilities in the energy sector
  • Preparation of plans and reports of the project economic evaluation using the COMFAR software, providing the country's banks, including the Bank of industry and mine
  • Plan CHP for technical approval
  • Plan network connectivity available to the distribution company to get permission to connect to the network of power plant
  • The design of Generator and heat recycling system is proportional to the load device and select factory·      
  • Consulting contracts with the electricity distribution company (NRI) for the purpose of concluding a contract of sale of electricity
  • Consulting in the field of financing the project, finance, foreign buying advice in the field of buying and selling of power plants around the world